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Arsenal in the News

Scarborough and Tomboy Survival Guide longlisted for Canada Reads (Jan 2018)

Two Arsenal titles have been longlisted for the 2018 edition of CBC's Canada Reads competition: Scarborough by Catherine Hernandez and Tomboy Survival Guide by Ivan Coyote. ...more

Saigon Calling: Starred review in Publishers Weekly (Jan 2018)

Marcelino Truong's graphic memoir Saigon Calling: London 1963-75 has received a STARRED review in Publishers Weekly. ...more

Featured Titles

Fighting for Space

How a Group of Drug Users Transformed One City's Struggle with Addiction

By (author) Travis Lupick

The grassroots story of revolutionary approaches to drug addiction that are saving lives. North America is in the grips of a drug epidemic. While deaths across the continent soar, Travis Lupick's ...more

What I Think Happened

An Underresearched History of the Western World

By (author) Evany Rosen

A wickedly funny book in which the author recasts historical events and personalities from her own feminist perspective. What I Think Happened, the debut book by comedian Evany Rosen, is ...more

Dutch Feast

By (author) Emily Wight

A modern take on Dutch cuisine that highlights the ways that simple meals bring joy and comfort. In the same way that British, Scandinavian, and German food have undergone a renaissance ...more

From the Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Sea

Illustrated by Kai Yun Ching and Wai-Yant Li
Text by Kai Cheng Thom

A magical gender variant child brings transformation and change to the world around them thanks to their mother's enduring love. In the magical time between night and day, when both the ...more

Body Music

By (author) Julie Maroh
Translated by David Homel

From the author of Blue Is the Warmest Color: a beautiful, bittersweet graphic novel on the complexities of love. Julie Maroh's first book, Blue Is the Warmest Color, was a graphic ...more

Liquor, Lust, and the Law

The Story of Vancouver's Legendary Penthouse Nightclub (New and Revised)

By (author) Aaron Chapman

A new edition of the colourful history of Vancouver's Penthouse Nightclub, which celebrates its seventieth anniversary in 2017. The after-hours watering hole for the famous and infamous, the Penthouse was opened ...more

Saigon Calling

London 1963-75

By (author) Marcelino Truong
Translated by David Homel

A sequel to the acclaimed Such a Lovely Little War: growing up Vietnamese in swinging London as the Vietnam war intensifies. Marcelino Truong's first book about the early years of the ...more

In Case I Go

By (author) Angie Abdou

The latest by Angie Abdou: young Eli invokes the spirit, and the mistakes, of his great-great-grandfather. In Canada Reads finalist Angie Abdou's fifth work of fiction, Eli and his parents have ...more

Don't Tell Me What to Do

By (author) Dina Del Bucchia

An offbeat story collection about strange, imperfect people doing strange, imperfect things. In poet Dina Del Bucchia's debut story collection, an older woman becomes obsessed with the state of her lawn, ...more

Oracle Bone

By (author) Lydia Kwa

A magic-realist novel set in seventh-century China featuring ghosts, martial arts, and the transformative oracle bone. Life in seventh-century China teems with magic, fox spirits, and demons; there is a fervent ...more

Tarry This Night

By (author) Kristyn Dunnion

A powerful dystopian novel set during a new American civil war, about a polygamist cult leader and his followers. In this eerily relevant, cautionary novel, a civil war is brewing in ...more


By (author) Catherine Hernandez

City of Toronto Book Award finalist; A Globe 100, National Post and Quill and Quire Best Book of the Year; Longlisted for Canada Reads Scarborough is a low-income, culturally diverse neighbourhood ...more



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